Stand for Semi-Automatic Definite Length Table Top Tape Dispenser Machine

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Model #Y6100-SS-Stand is used when cutting large diameter rolls of tape with the Model #Y6100-SS. Able to handle rolls of tape with a outside diameter of up to 14 inch and on a 3 inch core, the Y6100-SS-Stand is easy to set up and the Model #Y6100-SS rests on top of the base of the stand requiring minimal bench space.

* Machine: Length - 17 inch, Width 5 1/2 inch, Height 8 1/2 inch
* Weight: 4 1/2 Lbs
* Maximum Tape Roll Diameter: 14 inch
* Core Size: 3 inch

* Large Roll Unwind Stand for Model #Y6100-SS.
* Perfect for machine length rolls of tape up to 14 inch in diameter.
* Easy to assemble, requires no tools.
* The Model #Y6100-SS rests on the base using minimal counter space.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review