FrankenWrap™ The Cardboard Box That's on a Roll™ 





 We wrapped all of the above items using a small portion of an 250'x18" wide roll. This seems to be a great multi-purpose size roll.

FrankenWrap™ The Cardboard Box that's on a Roll™

Introducing FrankenWrap™ - The Cardboard Box that's on a Roll™! Are you tired of using traditional boxes to ship your products? Do you want a more cost-effective and space-saving solution? Look no further than FrankenWrap™. Our product is an innovative solution to protect your products during shipping while avoiding unnecessary dimensional weight charges.

FrankenWrap™ is an economical solution compared to traditional boxes, requiring less storage space while still effectively protecting your products during shipping. It is perfect for items that may already be in sturdy retail packaging and require no additional protective cushioning. With FrankenWrap™, you can create a "box" around your product, adding an extra layer of protection against dust, dirt, grime, and dings.

Our product is made of Singleface Corrugated Cardboard, which has one smooth and one fluted side, making it lightweight, easy to store, and apply. If you can gift wrap, you can FrankenWrap™!

FrankenWrap™ is the perfect solution for shipping companies that require products to be shipped in a "corrugated cardboard shipping container." With just one roll of FrankenWrap™, you can replace countless sizes of boxes, saving you storage space and money.

Say goodbye to traditional boxes and hello to FrankenWrap™. Order your roll of FrankenWrap™ today and see the difference it can make in your shipping process!

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