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Bubble Mailers are Low Cost, Lightweight and Quicker to load than Cardboard Boxes (Video)

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Bubble Mailers come in many sizes, colors and styles. Bubble Mailers are perfect for those slightly fragile items that could use a little more protection than just shipping in a poly mailer or paper envelope with no padding or bubble protection. Such as Drugs & Vitamins, Audio CDs, Jewelry, Photo Supplies, Catalogs, Samples, Seeds, Video Cassettes, CD-ROM's, Medical Supplies, Watches, Picture Frames, Spare Parts, Novelties and Dental Supplies.

Pro's of using Bubble Mailers verses Cardboard Boxes:
Bubble Mailers are lighter, keeping your shipping costs down
Bubble Mailers Cost less than boxes, keeping your shipping supply costs down
Bubble Mailers are faster to load and seal than boxes, time is money
Bubble Mailers take less storage space in your warehouse than boxes
Bubble Mailers do not require packing tape to seal, boxes do

The many different styles of Bubble Mailers:
If your looking for the lowest cost Bubble Mailer, then the Kraft Bubble Mailers are just what you need. Consisting of a Kraft Paper exterior and a bubble cushioning interior. Kraft Bubble Mailers come with a peel and seal closure, so no tape is needed to seal this mailer.

Looking for a water and weather resistant Bubble mailer? Than a Poly Bubble Mailer is just what you may need. With a poly (plastic) exterior and a bubble interior, a poly bubble mailer provides excellent weather resistance. A lot of companies that ship international tend to use poly bubble mailers over kraft. Also, if you think there may be a chance of the mailer getting wet, you may prefer to use a poly bubble mailer, thus protecting the contents from being ruined by rain, snow, melting ice etc.

Do you have the need for the protection of a Bubble Mailer, the weather resistance of a Poly Bubble Mailer, but a little extra pizazz to help you stand out in a crowded mailbox? Shiny Shippers™ are just what you are looking for! They consist of a color poly exterior, and a bubble interior to offer a cushion of protection to your item. Shiny Shippers™ Color Bubble Mailers come in many colors, including; Blue, Green, Red, Orange, Yellow, and Lipstick Pink. When a Bubble Mailer is your packaging of choice, Shiny Shippers™ are perfect for drawing attention to your company and brand. What an inexpensive way to stand out from the competition , and stay front of mind with your customer. If your company logo or color is red, why not ship in a red bubble mailer? Is the word blue in your company name, why not mail marketing material in a blue bubble mailer?

Really want to wow your customers? Then you will want to take a look at the Blingvelopes™ Color Metallic Bubble Mailers. With a metallic or foil exterior, and a bubble cushioning interior, this Bubble Mailer is sure to attract the attention of everyone that sees it. The exterior is a reflective foil material, that comes in many different colors, including; Black, Blue, Red Gold, Silver, Purple, Green and Pink. As are the Shiny Shippers™, Blingvelopes™ are very popular for mailing marketing materials and direct mail pieces, as well as purchased goods. What a fun, and memorable way to help brand your company.

For more information or to purchase Bubble Mailers, CLICK --> Bubble Mailers

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