Polypropylene Contractor Kit 1/2" x 3,000' Strapping, Windlass Tensioner, and Galvanized Wire Buckles

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Product Overview

The intention of this kit is to create a portable and economical option for smaller operations and warehouse teams. All items that are included with the YPP12CB02 Contractor Kit fits into a corrugated box. The box dispenses the 1/2" polypropylene strapping from the side and has a pocket on top for the 1/2" Galvanized Wire Buckles.

Contractor Kit Includes:
-1/2" x 3,000' Polypropylene Strapping

*YEP-1100 Regular Duty Windlass Tensioner
This Economy Windlass Tensioner is used in the application of Polypropylene Strapping on flat load surfaces. Strapping must first be pre-cut to desired length. The short end of the poly strapping is placed under the cutter, windlass spool and gripper. Then place the other end of the strapping through the slot on the cutter and through the slot on the windlass spool. Now ratchet the lever until desired tension is achieved.
-For Flat Package Loads
-For use on Polypropylene Strapping
-For Strap widths 1/2" - 3/4"

-YP12WB2-GA 1/2" Galvanized Wire Buckles (250 count)
-Galvanized Wire Buckles have a smooth, (sometimes silver coating). The types of strapping typically used with Galvanized Buckles are Polypropylene, Bonded, or Composite. When using buckles to secure loads, you only need a tensioner and strapping for the job.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review