Polypropylene Contractor Kit 1/2" x 3,000' Strapping, Tensioner Tool, and Plastic Buckles

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Product Overview

The intention of this kit is to create a portable and economical option for smaller operations and warehouse teams. All items that are included with the YPP12CB01 Contractor Kit fits into a corrugated box. The box dispenses 1/2" polypropylene strapping from the side and has a pocket on top for the 1/2" plastic buckles.

Contractor Kit Includes:
-1/2" x 3,000' Polypropylene Strapping

* YEP-1330 T-Puller Cutter Tool
-Convenient tool for quickly and easily pulling stretch strapping.
-Features a steel cutting blade
-Features a zinc alloy steel body

* YP12PB2 1/2" Plastic Buckles (250 Count)
-These unique plastic buckles allow you to quickly fasten polypropylene strapping for temporary light duty purposes
-Low-cost and simple solution for moving things short distances within the warehouse


(No reviews yet) Write a Review