Mobile Strapping Dispenser Truck Cart Lift Device for Polyester and Steel Strapping with Tool Mast

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$491.08 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Product Overview

(Optional, Not Included with Cart - Spring Loaded Tool Reel & Battery Operated Strapping Tool)

**TOOL REEL SOLD SEPARATELY - Choose from Drop Down (YEP-3000-TB-2 - (4-7lbs), YEP-3000-TB-3 - (7-11lbs), YEP-3000-TB4 - (11-15lbs), YEP-3000-TB5 - (15-20lbs), YEP-3000-TB6 - (33-49lbs)**

**BATTERY OPERATED TOOL SOLD SEPARATELY - Weight of Battery Powered Strapping Tool-Approximately 8 lbs. (YEP-1355-12/58, & YEP-1355-58/34)**

The Lifter Device is an all-in-one, heavy duty, mobile strapping station. The unique strap dispenser with cutter has a straight-forward industrial design for heavy-duty use. It can accommodate two 8 x 8 steel or polyester ribbon wound coils or one steel or polyester oscillated coil. The removable middle separator makes it easy to switch!

Includes a tool mast that facilitates in stabilizing heavy tools to aid in their effective application, minimize wear and prevent personal injury or harm.

The Tool Mast includes a battery operated Lifting Device capable of loading a steel coil on the disk. The Tool Mast can also accommodate a Tool Balancer, keeping the tool and worker protected, while the tool balancer and hanger give full range of motion for proper use. Easily maneuver a comprehensive strapping station around your warehouse!

• HD, battery operated lifter device
• Core ID: 16"
• Use: Steel (ribbon) or Poly (oscillated)
• 3" casters & 10" wheels for easy steering
• Includes: 2 batteries & charger
• Tool balancer sold separately

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review