Mobile Strapping Truck Cart Dispenser with Tool Mast for Oscillated Wound Plastic & Steel Strapping

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Product Overview

(Optional Spring Loaded Tool Reel & Battery Operated Strapping Tool)

**TOOL REEL - Choose from Drop Down (YEP-3000-TB-2 - (4-7lbs), YEP-3000-TB-3 - (7-11lbs), YEP-3000-TB4 - (11-15lbs), YEP-3000-TB5 - (15-20lbs), YEP-3000-TB6 - (33-49lbs)**

**BATTERY OPERATED TOOL SOLD SEPARATELY - Weight of Battery Powered Strapping Tool-Approximately 8 lbs. (YEP-1355-12/58, & YEP-1355-58/34)**

YEP-3550-TM offers the same features as the YEP-3500. However YEP-3550-TM includes the tool mast. This unit was designed for use with the Tool Reel  (YEP-3000-TB-2 - (4-7lbs), YEP-3000-TB-3 - (7-11lbs), YEP-3000-TB4 - (11-15lbs), YEP-3000-TB5 - (15-20lbs), YEP-3000-TB6 - (33-49lbs) and Battery Powered Strapping Tools (YEP-1355-12/58, & YEP-1355-58/34). The battery powered tool is suspended from the mobile cart by the Tool Reel. This makes the tool easily accessible to pull down for use. The Counter Balance Spring prevents dropping and damaging the battery powered strapping tool.

The YEP-3550-TM allows the user to transport many of their pallet strapping needs on one cart. There is an Extra Large Utility/Storage Tray for holding tools and buckles needed to get the job done. The cart has two, 10" Semi-Pneumatic Tires in the rear and two Locking Swivel Casters in the front for ease of transportation. The cart offers height adjustable handle and tray for user comfort. This unit has a Heavy-Duty Steel Frame that is finished with Durable Enamel Paint.

* Height Adjustable Handle and Tray
* Compatible w/ Plastic and Steel Strapping
* Compatible w/ Oscillated Wound Strapping
* Fits 16" Diameter Strapping Cores
* Measurement of the Space Between the Two Disks - 6"
* 10" Semi-Pneumatic Tires in Rear
* Locking Swivel Casters in Front
* Heavy-Duty Steel Frame
* Durable Enamel Paint Finish
* Made in the U.S.A.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review