Lightweight Aluminum Threshold Curb Ramp, Hand Truck Ramp

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Product Overview

Threshold and Curb ramps are a handy accessory for hand trucks. Negotiating curbs and thresholds with hand trucks that are carrying heavy loads has never been easier. They are lightweight at 16 pounds and make transportation simple. Each of the ramps are fitted with anti-slip friction tape. A flat, transition surface and curb stops welded underneath keep the ramp in place.

* Lightweight all aluminum will not Rust!
* 750# Load Capacity...Weighs only 16#.
* Anti-slip traction tape strip for secure footing.
* 2” x 5” hand cut-out for carrying or hanging in delivery truck.
* 1-½” high safety side rail.
* Flat transition top and angle stops underneath keep ramp secure against curb when in use. - 2” to 7” service height.
* Manufacturers Lifetime Guarantee against rust and corrosion.
* 27 x 27 O.D - 26.5 x 27 I.D.
* Weight Capacity 750 lbs
* Length 27" x Width 27" x Height 3"
* Shipping Weight 16 lbs


(No reviews yet) Write a Review