Large Roll Unwind Stand for Tape, Labels, and Wire

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Product Overview

The YUW-6 is an unwind stand for large rolls of tapes, labels, wire, or any other product that needs to be unwound. Able to work in conjunction with our pressure sensitive tape and label dispensers, the YUW-6 can hold a roll up to 6 inch wide with a maximum roll diameter of 17 inches. The YUW-6 comes with heavy duty, all steel uprights, non-slip feet or can be permanently mounted, and is easy-to-adjust with thumb screws. No tools are required for setup and no operator training for setup or usage is necessary

* Length – 14 inch, Width – 7 inch, Height - 15 inch
* Weight: 11 Lbs.
* Core Size: Minimum: .787 inch
* Core Size: Maximum: Not Applicable
* Roll Width Minimum: 1/8 inch
* Roll Width Maximum: 6 inch
* Maximum Roll Diameter: 17 inch

* Unwind stand for tape, labels and other products.
* Used in conjunction with Tape Dispensers and Applicators, Label Dispensers and Applicators, and anywhere a large roll unwind stand is needed.
* Can handle machine length rolls of tape and labels.
* Heavy duty construction.
* Thumb screws for adjustment - no tools required.
* Can be permanently mounted.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review