Automatic Vertical Label Dispenser Machine for Roll or Fan-Folded Labels

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Product Overview

The YKL-250 vertical automatic label dispenser for pressure-sensitive label dispensers is ideal for all types of roll or fan-folded labels. An economical alternative to our YSH-404TR and YSH-414D premium label dispensers, the YKL-250 utilizes photo-sensor reliability so that there are no micro-switches or hair triggers to adjust. Adjustable high speed operation, large roll capability, industrial construction, and a rewind system for the label liner are advantages of this machine. Having the ability to dispense all types of opaque die-cut and butt-cut labels, the YKL-250 require no tools for label changeover or size adjustments and no operator training is required.

* Maximum Label Size-including liner - 5 inch wide x 7 inch long
* Maximum Roll Diameter - 9 inches
Speed - Adjustable up to 300 inches per second
Method of Label Detection - Photo-Sensor

* YKL-250 feeds vertically for easy removal. 
* Perfect for all labeling applications.
* Uses a non-contact photo sensor to detect all types of die-cut and butt-cut opaque labels.
* Heavy duty construction for years of reliable service.
* Large roll diameter and re-winder for the label waste.
* Fully portable – small table top design.
* Speed – Adjustable.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review