Corrugated Cardboard Rolls: The Ultimate Protection Solution for Your Floors and Counter Tops during Remodeling and Construction

Posted by Jason Archambault on 10th Apr 2023

Corrugated Cardboard Rolls: The Ultimate Protection Solution for Your Floors and Counter Tops during Remodeling and Construction

Construction and remodeling jobs can be quite messy and damaging to the floors and counter tops of a building. This can lead to costly repairs and replacements. However, with the introduction of corrugated cardboard rolls, construction companies and Do It Yourself'ers, have found a more economical and efficient way to protect the property.

Corrugated cardboard rolls are designed with a fluted (wavy) design adhered to a smooth layer of cardboard, making them lightweight yet sturdy protection for many purposes. Available in various widths, including 36”, 40", 46" and 48”, they are perfect for construction jobs, and can be rolled out within a room to protect a newly laid wood or tile floor, or to cover and protect existing carpeting or cabinetry and counter tops.

One of the benefits of using corrugated cardboard rolls is that they offer a smooth surface that greatly reduces the chance for an accident to occur from tripping. Unlike plastic, which can gather and bunch up, once laid in place, corrugated cardboard will act as a smooth surface.

Additionally, ladders and scaffolding can cause scratches and dents when moved within a room. However, with corrugated cardboard, the floor or surface is protected, reducing the need for costly repairs.

Another benefit of using corrugated cardboard rolls is their ability to absorb the impact of tools. In the event of an accidental drop, the fluted cardboard helps to absorb the impact, protecting the precious surface underneath.

Corrugated cardboard rolls are also an economical option for protecting flooring and counter tops during transportation and installation. While paper or plastic protection can prevent scratches, they are not effective in preventing dents and chips. The cushioned cardboard floor protection offers sturdy protection and is also easy to shape and cut to fit odd-sized pieces.

Once the job is complete, the corrugated cardboard can easily be rolled back into a convenient roll and reused if needed, making it an even better and more economical choice.

At our company, we supply construction and flooring companies nationwide with corrugated cardboard rolls. We offer single rolls for small jobs, pallet quantities for medium-sized jobs, and truckloads for large jobs. Quantity discounts are available for pallet quantities and up.

In conclusion, corrugated cardboard rolls offer the ultimate protection solution for your floors and counter tops during remodeling and construction. They are affordable, sturdy, and can easily be reused. Protect your property today with corrugated cardboard rolls.