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Use Cardboard as a Green Weed Barrier in Landscaping and Gardening

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Cardboard Rolls as a Weed Barrier in Landscaping and Gardening

Many landscapers and gardeners are looking for inexpensive and eco-friendly solutions for weed control. Weeds are a constant menace to landscapes and gardens. Sometimes people want something that will work as mulch for the flower beds, and other times they want pathways free of weeds. The perfect answer is the use of corrugated cardboard that is much easier on the natural environment than are plastic or synthetic fabric weed barriers or chemical sprays.

Benefits in Gardens and Landscapes

Rolls of corrugated cardboard have many uses and benefits for landscaping and gardening. In rock gardens and raised beds, the cardboard can be laid with holes cut out for the plants through which the plants may grow. The cardboard can be the first layer and mulch such as wood chips can be spread on top of the cardboard around trees and shrubs or in playgrounds.

Of course, cardboard will decompose naturally into the soil because it is made from wood fibers. This decomposition is a benefit in itself to the soil.Worms love the cardboard and help to break it down, and leave castings behind while working the soil, which is great for your soil. Every couple years, people will need to add more cardboard, but every landscaper and gardener knows that mulch treatments are a maintenance job that must often be renewed regardless of the materials used because weeds are so persistent.

Use Instead of Non-Green Weed Control

Cardboard is much easier to replace than is the synthetic and plastic weed barriers. Because it naturally becomes part of the soil, it does not have to be removed before laying new materials. On the other hand, plastic must be removed because it does not decompose. The ripped pieces make poor soil material and should be completely removed from the soil before something new is installed.

Then, mulching with the corrugated cardboard makes it unnecessary to spray chemical weed control on pathways in the garden. The natural cardboard covered with bark chips or other natural mulches prevents the growth of weeds.

Corrugated Cardboard Keeps Weeds at Bay

Landscape artists and gardeners do not have to spend so much time tackling the growing weed problem in their summer outdoor spaces, and they can spend more time on the plants they want to grow in the intended areas. The convenient use of corrugated cardboard to keep weeds at bay is making mulching and weed fighting so much easier and more friendlier to the environment than other methods.

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