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Colorful Christmas Holiday Packaging & Shipping Supplies for Corporate Gift Giving

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When shipping Christmas / Holiday gifts to friends, family, customers or employees, you want the receiver to feel like you took time in preparing and packaging their gift. You do not want it to look rushed and impersonal. Your defeating the purpose of even sending a gift. You are shipping the receiver a gift, because you care about them as a friend, customer or employee. Do not make the gift look like it was cranked out on a assembly line without any thought. Packaging makes a difference! Colorful Packaging and Shipping Supplies will make your packages look festive and fun. The receiver will feel you took the extra time and cared enough to pay attention to the "small" details, not just shove a widget in a brown box and slap a label on it. A little extra goes a long way.

There are many options when looking for Colorful Christmas Shipping and Packaging Supplies! Let's take a look at a few below.

Color Tissue Paper is great for gift bags, baskets, garment and shipping boxes, etc. It adds a nice and sophisticated look and feel to your Christmas Holiday packages. The Color Tissue Paper is available in over 70 vibrant different colors and makes your package feel more like a gift.

Color Bubble Wrap® is a great Christmas Holiday Shipping and Packaging material. Like Tissue Paper, it adds a festive look and feel to the inside of your box or outer packaging. But unlike Tissue Paper, Color Bubble Wrap® also adds protection for breakables during the shipment. Color Bubble Wrap® is available in Blue, Green, Red, and Purple. People of all ages love to POP Bubble Wrap®, Color Bubble Wrap® even more so! The Color Bubble Wrap® packaging often times is enjoyed just as much as the gift it is protecting.

Don't need the sturdiness, or extra weight of a box? Color Bubble Mailers are just what you need then. Colorful, Affordable, with many colors and styles to choose from, our Color Metallic Bubble Mailers (Blingvelopes™), and Color Poly Bubble Mailers (Shiny Shippers™) may be your best options for mailing those smaller , not as fragile gifts. Color Bubble Mailers provide limited protection and are best used for not as fragile items, such as Music and Game CD's, VHS Tapes, Jewelry Boxes, plastic bottles, novelties and so much more. They come in so many colorful and vibrant colors, such as, red's and green's, gold, silver, blue, pink, fuchsia, purple, orange, yellow, and black. Go with traditional Christmas Holiday Colors, or even your company's brand colors. Either way, the additional detail to packaging will stand out in your receivers mind. Color Bubble Mailers make great Christmas Holiday Shipping and Packaging Supplies, as they are great for all of your year round mailings of catalogs, gifts, and marketing!

Color Carton Sealing Tape, also known as Color Packaging Tape, or Color Box Tape adds that little extra detail to a brown cardboard shipping box, or white corrugated mailer. Available in many colors, such as; Red, Green, Black, Blue, Pink, Purple, Yellow, Orange and White add that special touch with no extra effort required compared to clear tape. No extra effort? This make Color Carton Sealing Tape the perfect Color Christmas Holiday packaging for shipping!

Die Cut Gift Bags are great for corporate, group or club gift giving. Great for thank you gifts, birthday gifts and any other holiday gift! These gift bags are very colorful, and come in fun shapes and designs! There are Sports themed, Flowers, Playing Cards, Dice, and Wine to name a few.

Gift Shred is great for the above mentioned Die Cut Gift Bags, Gift Baskets, along with Gift Boxes! Shred is perfect for your Christmas Holiday Shipping and Packaging! It comes in many styles, crinkle cut, metallic, color paper, or a combination. Lots of Christmas and Holiday colors and mixtures to choose from, which makes this a great filler for baskets, bags and gift boxes.

Of course you will probably need a box to ship your item in. Boxes come in the standard Brown Cardboard Shipping Box, White Corrugated Mailers , Color Shipping Boxes , and even Everyday and Christmas Holiday Themed Mailing Boxes ! Want to go with brown? Add a splash of color inside and out with Color Carton Sealing Tape, Gift Shred, Color Tissue Paper or Color Bubble Wrap®! White is clean and has a neat appearance and can be dressed up with Color Packaging Tape, Holiday stickers or a note can be written and easily read on this box. Color Cardboard Shipping Boxes are available in many colors and as the other Colorful Shipping Supplies come in many Christmas Holiday colors or use your corporate colors for gift giving.

Shipping a t-shirt, poster, calendar or other item that can be rolled? Then Mailing Tubes may be the perfect Christmas Holiday Packaging you need for shipping! It also is a great storage container for the item you gave or they may find any other number of uses for it. When talking about Mailing Tubes, there are many options, let's take a look at a few;

 Clear Plastic Mailing Tubes are Great if you want the contents to be seen during shipping of before the recipient opens that package, again great for corporate gift giving. Maybe your logo in on a shirt, that shirt can be rolled in such a way that the logo is view-able through the tube. Again, we have seen recipients reuse these tubes in their kitchens, garages, work shops, fishing boats, office, etc.

  Color Cardboard Mailing Tubes come in many colors, such as Black, Blue, Red, Green, Gold, Silver and Yellow. Again, go with the traditional Christmas Holiday color theme's, or maybe you brand these packages with the colors of your corporate logo? Either way, the excitement will start once the recipient see's the colorful, and unique packaging. It looks fun, different, like a gift! Who doesn't love receiving a gift?

 White Mailing Tubes are clean and professional. They give a nice impression and can be dressed up with stickers, color carton sealing tape or maybe even a note written on the outside of the tube.

  Brown Kraft Cardboard Mailing Tubes come in a wider variety of diameters and lengths compared to the white or color mailing tubes. These would be ideal for items that may not fit in one of the other tube options. These are available in Jumbo Mailing Tube Sizes, Premium Telescoping Mailing Tubes for extra long items, Adjustable Mailing Tubes and Crimped End Mailing Tubes.

As you can see there is no shortage of endless options when it comes to Shipping your Christmas Holiday packages! The more creative and colorful, the more your package will stand out to the recipient! You do want to stand out in your customer's mind, don't you?

Happy Shipping!

Jason Archambault

Fastpack Packaging Inc.

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