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Bulletin Board Paper Dispenser, Holder, Storage - For School, Office and Art Supply

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Bulletin Board Paper Roll Holder, Storage, Dispenser Bulletin Boards. Every school has them. Bulletin boards help Teachers and Facility decorate, display artwork, announce class assignments and list upcoming events for their students and parents. Bulletin Boards are changed constantly, with the seasons, and as information changes. Bulletin Boards usually consist of a cork board material that allows tacks surrounded by a metal frame. Cork board is brown, and boring. This is where Colorful Bulletin Board Paper Rolls come in. A staple at any Elementary School, Middle School, and High School. Different color Kraft Paper Rolls are often used as a decorative background, or to cover the plain brown cork board.

 As you already know, these roll can be very large, heavy and hard to maneuver and dispense. Without a dispenser or cart to keep the rolls stable, they could fall over and injure a member of the faculty, staff or student body. It is important to store and maneuver these heavy rolls properly. There are many different types of the Bulletin Board Paper Dispensers. There are Wall Mounted Dispensers, Table Top Dispensers, Floor Dispensers, Portable Dispensers with Locking Casters (Rola-Rack), Horizontal Dispensers, Vertical Dispensers, Single Roll Dispensers, Double Roll Dispensers, Quadruple Roll Dispensers, Octuple Roll Dispensers and more!

 A Bulletin Board Paper Dispenser keeps the multiple, heavy rolls of Color Bulletin Board Paper stored out of the way and in a safe and secure way to help prevent accidents and injuries. Most dispensers have a "cutting" edge (straight bar) or smooth blade to make dispensing the paper easy. Most Schools and Art Departments keep several rolls of Color Bulletin Board Paper on hand, usually a roll of several different colors. Keep all of the rolls in one spot, on a wall in a central location or on a single rolling Bulletin Board Paper Dispenser Cart . This way when you need paper, all the multiple colors will be in the same place, and easy to find. This will not only increase the safety of storing these large and heavy rolls, but also prevent having to play hide and seek with the paper rolls, and finding where they were last abandoned.

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