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Kraft Paper Dispensers/Cutters

Kraft Paper Cutters / Kraft paper Dispensers come in a wide array of shapes, sizes and styles. Below, you will find over 100 different Kraft Paper Dispensers to choose from. There are many models to choose from.;
*Table Top Mountable Kraft Paper Dispensers
*Under Counter Mountable Kraft Paper Dispensers
*Wall Mountable Kraft Paper Dispensers
*Vertical Kraft Paper Dispensers
*Horizontal Kraft Paper Dispensers
*Heavy Duty Kraft Paper Dispensers
*Jumbo Kraft Paper Dispensers
*Kraft Paper Crumpler Void Fill Dispenser

Kraft Paper Dispenser models range in the 12" to 72" size, depending on the width of your Kraft, Butcher, Art, Gift Wrap, or other paper rolls. Available with a straight cutting edge , or a very sharp serrated blade that can be used to cut foil and film. Floor models are available with, or without casters for easy maneuverability.

We have units that will hold, dispense, cut and/or transport one roll, two rolls, three rolls, four rolls, eight rolls, and even up to 20 rolls of Kraft Paper, Butcher Paper, Art Paper, Gift Wrap, or other paper rolls! There are Kraft Paper Dispensers that hold the standard 8 to 9" diameter rolls, and some units that will hold, and dispense large rolls with up to 18" rolls.

Most of the below units are Made in the U.S.A., and are strongly constructed from steel, for extra durability!

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