A/C Power Feed Semi-Automatic Manual Cutting Paper Crumpler Void Fill Dispensing System

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Product Overview

*No Contract, *No Monthly Rental Fee, *No Minimum Kraft Paper Purchases required. With Purchase, you own this Automatic Paper Crumpler Outright!

This unit will have you making your own void fill and protective cushioning the fast and economical way. A must have for any packing station or wherever orders are fulfilled.
Convert 30 to 40 lb. Kraft paper into protective cushioning and void fill with the YEP-5980, A/C Power Fed, Semi-Automatic  Feeding, Manual Cutting, Paper Crumpler, Void Fill Dispensing System. The automated dispenser pulls paper from the crumpler, automatically dispensing crumpled Kraft paper with the push of a foot pedal or button. There is an adjustable speed dial and reverse button option. The unit is mounted on a rolling stand, with 4 locking Casters, making it easy to move around the warehouse. The convenient built in cut off device makes for fast and effective dispensing. The stand is built from solid steel and has adjustable height and angle settings.

Key Use:
* Void Fill for Shipment of Boxes

Product Specifications:
* Height and Angle Adjustable 
* Works with 30 or 40 lb Kraft Standard and Recycled Paper
* Holds 2 Kraft Paper Rolls Up to 24" 
* Stand, Crumpler, and Auto Machine.
* Works with Rolling Stand - 5” metal locking casters.
* Steel Construction
* Adjustable speed dial and reverse button option
* A/C Power Feed
* Made in the U.S.A.



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(No reviews yet) Write a Review