ZeroTape® Ergonomic 2" Hand Held Tape Dispenser System (Must be used with #Y10022 ZeroTape®)

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ZeroTape® Ergonomic 2" Hand Held Tape Dispenser System works specifically with (2" x 165 Yards 2 Mil. ZeroTape® Clear Carton Sealing Tape #Y10022 SOLD SEPARATELY).

ZeroTape® Ergonomic 2" Hand Held Tape Dispenser System is a completely new tape dispenser system that is revolutionizing the world of packaging. Gone are the days of sore wrists – with ZeroTape®.

ZeroTape® Dispenser System is ergonomic and offers advanced functionality for ease of use. The ZeroTape® Dispenser System was developed by a talented team of design engineers, every aspect of the packaging process was analyzed during development to see how it could be improved. The Ergonomic Tape System is light and efficient.

*Light - 25% less weight, compared to conventional dispensers
*Safe - Easy blade change due to new click system and safety blade.
*Protecting - Special housing protects the tape roll completely.
*Comfortable - Easy and smooth unwinding and a ventilated handle. Robust body and quiet dispensing.
*Performing - More than 2x less roll changes and storage space. Fewer roll changes due to almost 3 times the tape length.
*Ergonomic - Gentle on the wrist due to 75% less strain on muscles in wrist, arm and shoulder.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review