Thanksgiving Harvest Hues Packaging & Shipping Supplies

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Product Overview

Introducing our Colorful Seasonal Packaging and Shipping Supplies for the Thanksgiving season! This is the perfect time to express gratitude and appreciation to your loved ones with thoughtful gifts, and our products add a touch of festivity to your gift-giving experience.

1. Gemi Green Wrap Die-Cut Cushioning Rolls: Embrace the eco-friendly spirit with environmentally friendly cushioning wrap. This honeycomb Kraft paper with tissue paper interleaf is ideal for protecting fragile items while giving your package a rustic and charming look, perfect for the Thanksgiving season.
2. Kraft Gift Boxes: The go-to choice for an earthy and natural aesthetic gift packaging. The boxes provide an elegant and understated packaging option that complements the Thanksgiving theme. Alternatively, our White Gift Boxes are versatile and ideal for both retail and gift packaging, offering a clean and sophisticated presentation.
3. Bubble Mailers: Ensure the safety of your items during shipping. Choose from our Curbside recyclable Curbyfill Mailers, or our Green, Orange, or Red Shiny Shippers, to suit your style and protect your packages.
4. Acrylic Color Carton Sealing Tape: Available in vibrant fall colors such as Red, Orange, Yellow, and Green our acrylic tape will seal your packages securely. These tapes not only provide a reliable seal but also add a pop of seasonal cheer to your shipments.
5. Cardboard Mailers: Protect your documents or smaller items during transit, ensuring they reach their destination in perfect condition.
6. Digital Scales: Accurately weigh your packages and determine shipping costs with these colorful Red or Orange Digital Scales.
7. Crinkle Cut Paper Shred: Creates an appealing presentation and is available in various seasonal colors. The crinkle cut paper shred adds volume and a festive touch to your gift boxes, making them even more delightful to open.
8. Gift Bags: Red or White Wine Die Cut Gift Bags are a perfect way of presenting a bottle of wine to any wine enthusiast on your gift list. We also offer vibrant color flower die cut gift bags.
9. Colorful Kraft Paper: Wrap gifts or create decorative elements with a warm and inviting fall color palette. We offer Kraft Paper in Brown, Yellow, and Red shades.
10. Shopping/Gift Bags: Kraft Paper and Kraft Tinted Paper bags are not only sturdy and reliable but also add a touch of elegance to your gift-giving experience.
11. Packing List Envelopes: Packing List Envelopes ensure that important documents and shipping information remain visible and secure. Available in vibrant seasonal colors such as Yellow, Orange, and Green.
12. Stretch Wrap: Secure your packages for shipping or storage with our eye-catching fall stretch wrap colors like Orange, Green, and Red. It provides excellent protection and helps keep your items tightly wrapped and in place.
13. Tissue Paper: Complete your Thanksgiving packaging with our fall selection of color tissue paper. The rich hues of autumn add a vibrant and seasonal touch to your gifts, making them even more visually appealing.

This Thanksgiving, make your gift-giving and package shipping experience truly special with our Colorful Seasonal Packaging and Shipping Supplies. Express gratitude, celebrate the season, and delight the recipient with beautifully wrapped and thoughtfully packaged items.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review