Standard Duty Oscillated Strapping Cart Dispenser with Brake 16" Core Quick Load System

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Product Overview

The Strapping Cart dispenses Oscillated Wound Cord Strapping for use in Load Securing. The 10" durable Rubber Tires make transporting the strapping ideal for warehouses and packing departments. Brake Arm System is activated when tension, from pulling the strapping, is halted. The brake provides a consistent free flow of strapping without overflow. Quick Load clamp System makes for fast and easy strap loading. Convenient Utility Tray holds tools and buckles needed to get the job done.

*Standard Duty Strapping Dispenser
*Works best with Oscillated Steel and Poly Wound Strapping
*Core I.D. 16"
*Face Width 3" - 8"
*10" Rubber Tires
*Quick Load System
*Made in the U.S.A. 

Recommended for use with:
* YEP-1100-Tensioner
YEP-1200-12YEP-1200-58, & YEP-1200-34-Sealers
YP12SO2YP58SO2, & YP34S02-Seals 1/2", 5/8", & 3/4"

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