Pro-2-220HT Heavy Duty High Temperature Industrial Glue Gun Applicator

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Product Overview

Heavy Duty Industrial Glue Guns are designed for large industrial projects. Good for use in high-volume packaging, product assembly, and crafting. Glue Gun Applicators provide a faster and more cost effective way of sealing boxes for shipping. Works well with all Industrial Glue Sticks.

* Ergonomic finger trigger design for less effort.
* Operating temperature 380°F with 220 watts of heating power.
* Stroke adjustment screw for equal amounts of glue per squeeze.
* Integrated gun balancer mount hole.
* Lighted on/off power switch.
* Delivers up to 7 pounds of adhesive per hour.
* Quick 3 minute heat up time.
* Protective heat resistant nozzle cover.

This hot glue applicator includes extra nozzle, detachable wire stand, and storage case. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review