Glue Gun Applicators & Sticks

Glue Gun Applicators & Sticks

Introducing our high-quality Glue Applicators & Sticks, the perfect solution for all of your bonding needs. Whether you need to bond a broad range of materials, including wood, plastic, and fabric, we have the right applicator and stick for your project.

Our selection of glue applicators includes the GL4080, which can deliver up to 2.5 pounds of adhesive per hour and heats up to 380°F. The GL4200 can handle up to 7 pounds of adhesive per hour, also heating up to 380°F. For high-volume applications, the GL4300 offers temperature control from 220°F to 400°F.

We also offer a range of glue sticks to fit your specific needs. Our GL3MLTQ stick can deliver up to 2.6 pounds of adhesive per hour and is applied at a lower temperature of 265°F, while the GL3MLTCQ stick delivers up to 3.5 pounds of adhesive per hour and is applied at a higher temperature of approximately 385°F.

Our low-melt sticks are perfect for applications at 265°F, while our hot-melt sticks are applied at higher temperatures of approximately 375°F. With our wide range of glue applicators and sticks, you can trust that your bonding needs will be met with ease and precision.

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