Print Wiz® Custom Print Plate Only (Dispenser Sold Separately)

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Product Overview

**Print Wiz® Custom Print Plate Only (Dispenser Sold Separately)**

Custom Print Plate for Print Wiz® 2" Tape Dispenser

* Print Plates offered; "STOP", "FRAGILE", or, your own custom logo or message. 
* Custom print plate 2-3 weeks + time in transit
* No returns on this item.

Features & Benefits:
* Print tape on demand
* Prints on adhesive side
* No drying time necessary
* Ink is absorbed on the box, creating a security seal
* Ability to change print plates instantly 
* Uses 2" wide tape
* Ink cartridge is estimated to print approximately 3 cases of tape.

What Files are Acceptable for Custom Logo?
Files from vector programs are Adobe Illustrator, In-Design, and Corel Draw.
* Convert the entire file contents to curves/outlines.
* Please save as .AI, .EPS, or .PDF so the file is acceptable.

What Files are NOT Acceptable for Custom Logo?
* All Photoshop files and files saved from a Photoshop file (ie: JPG, PNG, TIFF, etc.), generally speaking, are not acceptable files.

If needed, we can re-create your artwork for a fee. We will re-draw your artwork based on the following:
1. Send us a purchase order that includes the artwork fees.
a. Fees are based on the time it takes us to re-create the logo.
b. Have us print as is. A basic outline of your logo will be created. The better resolution of the photo provided,
the better quality of outline, however we can not be held responsible for any flaws if the file is not in vector format.
2. If an order is cancelled after any artwork has been created, the artwork charges still apply.

* Current lead time: 7-10 days + time in transit, or with custom print plate 2-3 weeks + time in transit
* No returns on this item.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review