Nelson BetterWrapper Stretch Wrap Film Dispenser

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Product Overview

The NWD BetterWrapper is designed to wrap loads on rolls such as carpets and fabrics, and on skids that need to be wrapped in the mid section to stabilize the load.

The BetterWrapper is an economical alternative to the costly throw-away traditional dispensers. Save money by reducing the total cost of "film and dispenser" throw away combinations. The BetterWrapper eliminates the need to purchase a single type of dispenser for each type of securing loads.  It handles metric 17.5 and standard 16" to 18" rolls of 3" core stretch wrap film.  The tension to the wrap is consistent with the dispenser, and the brake allows a more controlled and comfortable grip.
The BetterWrapper allows you to secure loads comfortably. It has a more natural hand/arm spacing of holding the handles. It also helps in reducing back strain by being able to wrap waist high using a natural forward motion.

*Made in the U.S.A.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review