Kubox Mini Trunk Shipping Crate 23"x11"x8"

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Kübox Mini Trunk Shipping Crate
26" x 14" x 11" inches outside
23" x 11" x 8" inches inside

The kübox was designed for shipping items that are too heavy, valuable, or fragile to ship in a common cardboard shipping box. This innovative crate is more user friendly and more cost effective than a wooden crate. The kübox is easy to assemble, collapsible, lightweight, strong, and reusable. The crates are durable enough to withstand freight and parcel shipping and handling. Makes crating easy for moving, shipping art work, electronics, antiques, motors, tools, furniture and more.

Choose the kübox that's right for your job. We offer 6 standard size kübox crates to fit your specific shipping needs. All standard sizes are in-stock and ready to ship the next business day. A request can also be made for a custom size kübox.

*EASY TO USE: Putting the kübox together is easy as 1 2 3. The crate can be assembled by one person, no tools required.
*COLLAPSABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT: The kübox can be disassembled for easy storage and transport. When taken apart, the crate measures a few inches tall and weighs less than a wood crate.
*STRONG: kübox can be shipped via parcel or freight with 150 pounds inside. Strong enough to resist over 5,000 lbs on top.
*FAST DELIVERY: Standard sizes are in stock and can be shipped out the next business day. Custom orders can be shipped within three business days.

HOW IT WORKS: kübox integrates engineered laminated paper profiles, triple-layered corrugated fiberboard panels, and rugged corner hubs and pins to create an incredibly strong, lightweight, easy to assemble shipping container. When shipped in the parcel system, kübox's unique design with resilient corners helps absorb the shock of rough handling with up to 150 lbs shipped inside. When shipped on a pallet through the freight system, kübox can ship with much heavier contents and resist over 5,000 lbs of weight stacked on top.When you first get your kübox, it will be in the collapsed position with all parts nested inside for easy transport and storage. Set-up takes about a minute - no tools required!

AVAILABLE SIZES: Six sizes of kübox are available in-stock and ready for purchase. We can create a custom kübox for your special shipment - our minimum order quantity is 1! Custom orders ship within 3 business days. Contact us for pricing and lead time on large custom orders.

LARGE ORDERS: For large volume orders of standard and custom sizes, contact us by phone or email. We have in-house full-color printing capability to add your artwork and branding to standard and custom size küboxes. Full color coverage is available on kübox panels up to 42" wide. Get in touch for more details and pricing.

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