Front Action Serratable Poly Sealer Pusher Seals 5/8"

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Product Overview

Safety Warnings

* Before using the YEP-1285-58 please follow all safety precautions. (Ex: Safety Glasses, Gloves etc.)
* Inspect tool for worn or broken parts before operating.
* Only trained operators should use this tool.
* The YEP-1285-58 is recommended for use with only 5/8” (15.9 mm) Poly Strapping.
* Do not over tension. Breakage can occur and may cause severe injury or death.
* Watch fingers and keep them away from the front of the tool or by areas that can pinch or cut.
* Unsafe use of the YEP-1285-58 may result in blindness, severe laceration, amputation or death.

Operating Instructions

1. Hold the YEP-1285-58 vertically over the seal. Next, put the jaws of the tool over the center of the
seal. Look closely to the seal’s position. If the seal is crimped to the side and not centered, the
strap may loosen and break apart. This may result in severe injury or death.
2. While still holding the tool vertically, pull the handles of the YEP-1285-58 together. Once the handles
cannot be pulled together any further the seal will then be complete.
3. Once the seal is completed, remove the YEP-1285-58 to inspect the seal. The seal should be flat against the strapping, with the indentations on the center of the seal. Both pieces of strap should be going through the seal. If the seal is not crimped properly, remove the seal and start over. DO NOT USE THE SAME SEAL. Trying to reseal a used seal will decrease the break strength and will result in an improper seal.
4. Improper usage of the YEP-1285-58 may result in damage to the tool and possibly cause serious injury or death. Damage to the YEP-1285-58 will require repair or replacement at owner’s expense.

* Front Action Sealer
* Polypropylene, Polyester
* Use with Pusher Seals
* Strap widths Size Specific - 5/8"
* Made in the U.S.A.

Recommended for use with:
* YEP-1185-Tensioner
* YP58PO3-Seals 5/8"


(No reviews yet) Write a Review