Custom Printed Box Tape

Custom Printed Box Tape

Prices below include your choice of : White, tan or clear film (Tape).
*One stock ink color; Black, White, Process Blue (sky), Reflux Blue (royal), Pantone Purple, Pantone Violet, Yellow PMS102, Orange PMS021, Red PMS186, Brown PMS469, Teal PMS321, Green PMS347, Cool Gray 5, Maroon PMS201, Navy PMS281, Gold PMS132, Lime Green PMS368


*Hot Melt Adhesive is recommended for boxes with high recycled content (Printed Tape available in Acrylic and Hot Melt, same price. Unless noted Acrylic tape will be sent.)
*Minimum order: 1 or 2 ink colors = 1 Case
*3 ink colors = Minimum 5 cases
*Film Upgrades; Orange, Blue, Red, Yellow & Green film (Tape) Add 40% to base price. Available in 2.0 mil thickness only.
*Ink Upgrades:
*Second color : Add 15% to base price
*Third color: Add 30% to base price
*Maximum ink colors 3 spot colors, maximum 65 dots per inch (DPI)
*PMS color match: Add 25% to base price per ink match color
*Flood coat or over 50% imprint coverage: Add 85% to base price.
*Due to market conditions, prices are subject to change

Terms & Conditions:
*One plate per color: $75.00 for first plate, $50.00 each additional plate.
*Printing Plates are the property of the printer

Order Approval:
*Signed approval of art proofs are required before production starts. (Art work will need to be received in Vector/Illustrator format.)

*Minimum 21 working days from order approval

*We reserve the right to ship (and bill accordingly) 10% over or under the quantity ordered, partial cases must be accepted.

If you have any questions, or need a quote on this product, PLEASE, feel free to contact us. Our contact information can be found at the top of any page by clicking "Contact Us".

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