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Try a Paper Based Bubble Cushioning Wrap Alternative - Smaller Shipping & Storage Space

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The cost of Shipping Supplies got you down? Now the cost of Shipping those Supplies to your Home, Office or Warehouse may have just gotten a little bit more costly. Bubble Cushioning... it is light, but bulky. USPS just changed how they ship this, and other light, but bulky products. What did they change? It is called Dimensional weight. Anything over 1 cubic foot, which most Bubble Rolls are, they will now charge the heaviest of the two, Actual weight, or dimensional weight. Dimensional weight is based on a formula converting size of a package to a billable weight. Our most common Bubble Roll weighs about 3 lbs, and measures about 20x20x12". According to the USPS dimension weight formula, they will now charge us a 29 lb rate for an item that we have been able to ship at the actual, 3 lb weight.

Nothing to fear! We have come up with several workable solutions!:

1.) We have negotiated with UPS/FedEx to ship these Bubble Rolls at a much cheaper rate than the new USPS rates. Same size rolls. You will see the best shipping rates when you purchase in increments of 3 rolls. We can combine them into one package for the best shipping rate.

2.) Don't need 3 rolls? Check out our 100 ft x 12" x 3/16" Bubble rolls. We are able to ship these and smaller rolls via USPS, at a low price, as they are not being hit with the Dimensional shipping rate.


3.) Alternative Product Alert! GeamiWrapPak EX Boxhttps://www.fastpack.net/geami-greenwrap/

Earth Friendly, Paper Based, Ships in a small, compact box, less than a third of the size as compared to a comparable amount of Bubble Cushioning. Less Storage Space, Smaller Shipping size, thus costs less to ship. This product ships compact and un-expanded. That is the secret to the smaller Shipping & Storage footprint. Ships in it's own dispenser box. When you dispense this product to wrap your products, the dispenser adds tension to the roll, causing the wrap to pop up into a honeycomb shape protection for your products.

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