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The Complete Guide to Poly Tubing Dispensers, Poly Bag Dispensers - Counter Top, Floor Models & Wicketed Poly Bag Dispensers

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We believe that we have put together the most comprehensive list of Poly Bag Dispensers and Poly Tubing Dispensers on the Internet.

Poly Bags and Poly Tubing are used across multiple industries. From protecting food products such as bread, candy, pasta and meats. To protecting metal rods, organizing nuts and bolts and so much more!

Poly Bags come in thousands of different variations. Length, Width, Mil thickness, Open Top, Zip Closure, Flat and Gusseted.

Poly tubing comes available in many widths and mil thicknesses.

Both can be very important products helping to protect food and other consumer goods and products during storage, shipping and use. Dispensing Poly Bags and Poly Tubing from a box or roll can be cumbersome and time consuming. If you use poly bags on a roll, or poly tubing on a daily basis, you need a Poly Bag Dispenser or Poly Tubing Dispenser. It will save you time and energy and you will become more efficient.
The Poly Bag & Poly Tubing Dispensers listed below will work with Rolls of Perforated Poly Bags and Rolls of Poly Tubing. Unless otherwise noted.


Mobile Perforated Poly Bag Roll Stand / Dispenser with Casters

This Mobile Perforated Poly Bag Roll Stand / Dispenser with Casters, allows effortless dispensing of large perforated bags. The bag dispenser is ideal for storage and access of bags. There is a hook located on the vertical tubing that catches the bags at the perforation and will help separate them from the roll. The Mobile Perforated Poly Bag Roll Stand / Dispenser helps in keeping your work area organized and efficient. With the 4 locking casters, it's a breeze to transport the unit around. Brake System is activated when tension, from pulling the material, is halted. The brake provides a consistent free flow of material without overflow.

* Allows Quick and Easy Dispensing of Large Perforated Poly Bags



Poly Tubing & Perforated Poly Bag Dispensers without slide cutter

Poly Tubing dispensers are ideal for efficiently dispensing poly tubing, or perforated poly bags on a roll. This heavy duty poly dispenser can be desk or table mounted for space saving. Make your own custom size bags by simply pulling the amount of poly tubing that is needed, and cut, with your own razor knife, as some units do not come with the slide cutter built in. Our sturdiest unit, best for use with larger, heavier poly tubing rolls.

* Desk Mount Poly Tubing Dispenser
* Holds Rolls of Poly Tubing or perforated rolls of Poly Bags
* Quick and Easy dispensing



Poly Tubing Dispensers with Slide Cutter are ideal for efficiently dispensing poly tubing. Quickly and easily cut poly tubing to size with the slide cutter.

* Poly Tubing Dispenser with Slide Cutter
* Holds Rolls of Poly Tubing
* Quick and Easy dispensing



Wicketed Bag Opener / Dispenser

Perfect for food, garment, bakery, tortillas, industrial, and a host of other applications. Wicketed Bag Openers increase productivity, are made of all stainless steel and anodized aluminum components, have adjustable angle product loading arms and air velocity control, and are economically priced.


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