Simplify Your Shipping Process with Shipping & Handling Labels

Posted by Jason Archambault on 20th Jun 2023

Simplify Your Shipping Process with Shipping & Handling Labels

Shipping and handling can be a complex process, especially when it comes to ensuring the proper handling of shipments and meeting various regulatory requirements. Fortunately, there is a simple solution to streamline your shipping operations: Shipping & Handling Labels. These pre-printed pressure-sensitive labels are designed to make your life easier by providing clear instructions and eliminating the need for handwritten labels. In this blog post, we will explore the wide range of subcategories within the Shipping & Handling Labels category, each serving a specific purpose in enhancing the efficiency and safety of your shipping process.

Fragile Labels 1 & Fragile Labels 2:
When shipping delicate and fragile items, it is crucial to indicate their vulnerability to ensure careful handling. Fragile Labels help protect your goods by alerting handlers to exercise caution, reducing the risk of damage during transit.

Glass - Liquid Labels:
For packages containing glass or liquid items, these specialized labels provide a clear warning to handlers, preventing mishandling and potential accidents. With Glass - Liquid Labels, you can ensure that your packages are treated with the necessary care.
Arrow Labels:
Arrow Labels are particularly useful when shipping multiple packages or when you need to highlight a specific orientation. By indicating the correct direction or position, these labels help prevent any confusion or mishandling of your shipments.

Special Handling Labels:
Sometimes, specific packages require special attention due to their contents, fragility, or other unique characteristics. Special Handling Labels allow you to communicate these requirements clearly, ensuring that your shipments receive the appropriate care and treatment they deserve.

"DO NOT..." Labels:
Certain items may require specific instructions to avoid mishandling or damage. "DO NOT..." Labels enable you to convey precise directives, such as "DO NOT STACK" or "DO NOT BEND," ensuring that handlers are aware of the necessary precautions.

Special Handling Labels - Bilingual:
In an increasingly globalized world, it is essential to cater to diverse audiences. Bilingual Special Handling Labels include instructions in multiple languages, allowing you to communicate handling instructions effectively, regardless of the recipient's language.

"Mixed" Labels:
When shipping a combination of different items, "Mixed" Labels help identify and manage such packages efficiently. By clearly indicating that the shipment contains a mix of various contents, these labels aid in organized sorting and handling.

"Top" Labels:
To ensure proper stacking and handling of your packages, "Top" Labels play a crucial role. By indicating the correct orientation, these labels help handlers identify which side of the package should be facing upwards, minimizing the risk of damage.

Climate Labels:
When shipping temperature-sensitive items, Climate Labels become indispensable. These labels indicate specific temperature requirements or sensitivities, enabling handlers to take appropriate measures during storage and transportation.

Receiving Labels:
Efficient warehouse operations rely on streamlined receiving processes. Receiving Labels help identify incoming shipments, allowing your warehouse staff to quickly process and distribute packages to their respective destinations.

Enclosed Labels:
In situations where packages contain multiple items or components, Enclosed Labels help identify that all components are present within the shipment. This ensures that nothing is missing and prevents potential issues or customer complaints.

Rush Labels:
When time is of the essence, Rush Labels help prioritize urgent shipments. By clearly marking packages as "RUSH," you can expedite their handling and ensure prompt delivery.

Delicate Instrument Labels:
For shipping delicate instruments or equipment, such as scientific devices or musical instruments, Delicate Instrument Labels communicate the need for gentle handling. These labels assist in minimizing the risk of damage during transit.

Production Labels:
Production Labels are particularly useful when shipping goods that are part of a larger production process or assembly line. By providing clear instructions on their purpose or stage in the production cycle, these labels aid in efficient inventory management.

Fluorescent Shipping Labels:
In situations where packages need to stand out or be easily identified, Fluorescent Shipping Labels are a great choice. Their vibrant colors ensure high visibility and help prevent misplacement or mishandling.

Pallet Corner Labels:
When shipping goods on pallets, Pallet Corner Labels provide clear indications of proper pallet stacking and orientation. These labels help warehouse staff and forklift operators handle palletized shipments correctly, reducing the risk of accidents or damage.

Anti-Static Labels:
For packages containing electronic components or items sensitive to static electricity, Anti-Static Labels are vital. These labels warn handlers to take necessary precautions to prevent static discharge, protecting the integrity of sensitive electronic devices.

Pallet Protection Labels:
During transportation and storage, pallets should be handled according to the goods on the pallet. Pallet Protection Labels help indicate the need for special care to prevent damage to the goods and that they arrive to their destination safe and sound.

ORM-D Labels:
ORM-D stands for "Other Regulated Materials-Domestic" and refers to certain hazardous materials that have limited quantities or exemptions when transported domestically. ORM-D Labels are required for such shipments and ensure compliance with regulations while communicating the presence of hazardous materials to handlers.

Subsidiary Risk Labels:
In addition to primary hazards, some hazardous materials may have subsidiary risks associated with them. Subsidiary Risk Labels help identify these additional risks, allowing handlers to take appropriate precautions during shipping and handling.

D.O.T. Hazard Labels:
The Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) requires specific hazard labels for shipping hazardous materials. These labels communicate the nature of the hazard and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, safeguarding the safety of handlers and the public.

Pre-Printed D.O.T Labels:
Pre-Printed D.O.T Labels simplify the process of labeling packages containing hazardous materials. These labels come pre-printed with the necessary information, making it convenient for shippers to comply with D.O.T. regulations.

International Safe-Handling Labels:
When shipping goods internationally, it is essential to comply with country-specific regulations and communicate handling instructions effectively. International Safe-Handling Labels include internationally recognized symbols and instructions, facilitating global shipping operations.
Made in USA Labels:
Highlighting the origin of your products can be crucial for certain markets or customer preferences. Made in USA Labels allow you to proudly showcase that your goods are manufactured in the United States, emphasizing their quality and supporting domestic manufacturing.

Shipping & Handling Labels offer a convenient and efficient solution to enhance the shipping process, improve handling accuracy, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. By utilizing the various subcategories available within this product category, you can effectively communicate instructions, protect fragile items, comply with hazardous materials regulations, and streamline your shipping operations. Choose the appropriate labels for your specific needs and experience a smoother, more organized shipping process while providing the utmost care for your shipments.