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Shipping Tip of the Day - How to Print & Ship a 15.99 Ounce First Class Mail Label, When at the Post Office Counter You can Only Ship 13 ounces First Class Mail.

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 Did you know that if you print your postage online, that you can print a label for, and ship up to a 15.99 ounce first class package? If you bring your package to the local post office, the heaviest first class package they will allow you to ship is 13 ounces! No joke!

Fun fact, a 15.99 ounce first class package from Florida to California costs $4.95 using an online postage provider. We use, https://www.fitshipper.com/ . If you purchase postage from your local post office, a 15.99 ounce package would have to ship via another method, as it is over their 13 ounce maximum. 15.99 would round up to 16 ounces, or one pound. Shipping this one pound package from Florida to California via Priority Mail, from your local post office would be $8.45 . By printing your postage online, and keeping packages under a pound, can really save you on shipping expenses!

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