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NEW PODCAST: Welcome to The Ecommerce Shipping Podcast

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We have decided to try our hand at Podcasting. We plan on keeping you up to date with all of the changes within the Shipping Industry. We welcome your comments and questions, help us make this Podcast the best it can be!

Episode #1 

Hello, and Welcome to The Ecommerce Shipping Podcast! My name is Jason Archambault, I am the owner of Fastpack Packaging, http://www.fastpack.net , an ecommerce packaging distributor of Shipping Supplies . I have been a student of the Small Parcel Shipping Industry for over 17 years.

It is my hope for this podcast to be able to share what I have learned, and what I continue to learn, about the small parcel and LTL shipping industries. I plan on sharing current events, changes and updates within the industry, which will include rate increases, changes to fees and surcharges, major weather delays and other events that may delay package delivery for all of the major small package carriers, including FedEx, UPS and The United States Postal Service, Regional Couriers and any others that make the news.

It is my intention to keep each episode under 10 minutes in length. Each episode I hope to be able to give you a valuable shipping tip, answer any shipping related questions that you have previously emailed to me and/or report any shipping related news that you may not have heard about yet. I don't plan on filling time with fluff. The goal is to share useful information with you, that can be used to ship more economically and effectively.

If you have a shipping or packaging related question, that you just can't find an answer to, please send me an email , or send me a message on twitter. You can send a message to me on twitter to the handle @FASTPACK

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