Automatic Mobile Strapping Cart Dispenser Cuts Cord Poly Composite Steel

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Product Overview

Are you finding yourself with an excess amount of leftover strapping? Struggling to secure a multitude of loads without cutting too much or not enough strap? Then the YEP-3450 Automatic Strap Cutter Dispenser Mobile Cart could be the solution to your problem! The Heavy Duty Mobile Cart has a built-in automated system with the ability to cut strapping to length.

Say goodbye to manually measuring and cutting strapping for multiple loads. Instead, save time by using the YEP-3450 to measure out and cut the strapping for you.

Automatic Strap Cutter Dispenser Mobile Cart is a one-of-a-kind specialty cart that has a robust yet simple design. The YEP-3450 dispenser automatically feeds, dispenses, and cuts to length a variety of strapping materials such as poly, core, composite, and steel, thus making it an extremely versatile dispenser. The unit is battery powered with a touch screen system to optimize settings for speed, length, and quantity of cuts.

Built for daily use, the cart comes with 16” pneumatic tires and a handy storage tray on the back making it completely mobile and convenient for your warehouse operations. Although the cart is built tough, it is easy to maneuver and features an easy load system. Make sure to add the YEP-3450 as your efficient, easy-to-use, heavy duty solution to strapping.

• Strap Width: up to 1 1/4”
• Strap Gauge: up to .044”
• Fastest Speed: 39 in/s (1m/s)
• Strapping Type: Poly, Cord, Composite, and Steel
• Feeds, dispenses, & cuts strapping to length
• Touch screen operated
• Battery powered
• Easy load system
• Includes: 2 batteries & 1 charger
• Core ID: 16”

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review