48" Heavy Duty Bubble Wrap® Foam Poly & Indented Paper Floor Unit Dispenser w/ Locking Casters & Tear Tag

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Product Overview

The YEP-6420 protective packaging material dispenser, offers many perks. This is a Single Arm Floor Unit with Locking Casters, Tear Tag, and Break System. The dispenser can hold one 48" roll of protective packaging material. The operator can easily dispense Protective Packaging Material such as Bubble Cushioning Wrap, Foam, Poly, and Indented Paper. The casters enable the unit to be easily transported around the warehouse. Locks on the casters offer stability, keeping the unit from rolling during use. Brake System is activated when tension, from pulling the material, is halted. The brake provides a consistent free flow of bubble or foam without overflow. Tear Tag Device allows the operator to tear the packaging material at the perforation.  This unit is intended for perforated bubble and foam. If you are using, and need to cut non-perforated bubble or foam please use our bubble and foam dispensers with a slide cutter. This product is made of black solid steel tubing. Happy Wrapping! :)

*Floor Unit - Single-Arm
*Brake-System - Tear Tag
*For Bubble, Foam, Poly, Indented Paper
*Locking Casters
*Maximum Weight Capacity - 50lbs.
*Made in the U.S.A.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review