220' x 24" FrankenWrap™ Corrugated Cardboard Roll

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Product Overview

220' x 24" FrankenWrap™ Corrugated Cardboard Roll

FrankenWrap™ The Cardboard Box that's on a Roll™

*Economical Compared to Boxes
*Less Storage Space Required
*Protects Product During Shipping
*Avoid Unnecessary Dimensional Weight
How do you make a FrankenBox? FrankenWrap™ of course! FrankenWrap™ can be used to create a "Box" around your retail packaged product. We suggest using FrankenWrap™ for items that may already be in a sturdy retail box, and that need no additional protective packaging or cushioning. As a retailer, you must protect the product from dust, dirt, grime and dings, that packages are often exposed to during the shipping and delivery process to ensure a happy customer and successful transaction.

FrankenWrap™ is the perfect, low cost solution to add an extra barrier of protection to your product while meeting some shipping companies requirements of shipping in a "corrugated cardboard shipping container". FrankenWrap™ is a Singleface (one smooth & one fluted side) Corrugated Cardboard, that comes in roll form, for easy storage and application. Just one roll of FrankenWrap™, can take the place of countless different sizes of boxes, saving storage space and $$$. No Shipping Station should be without at least one roll of FrankenWrap™! If you can gift wrap, you can FrankenWrap™.

18 Rolls per Pallet if ordering by the Pallet


(No reviews yet) Write a Review