White Stayflats® Gusseted Mailers

White Stayflats® Gusseted Mailers

Introducing White Stayflats® Gusseted Mailers, the perfect choice for secure and efficient shipping of your important documents and photographs. These mailers are crafted from premium quality .020 white chipboard, providing superior protection during transit, ensuring that your items arrive in pristine condition.

Thanks to their lightweight construction, White Stayflats® Gusseted Mailers help you save on postage costs, making them an affordable and cost-effective choice for all your shipping needs. They don't require additional stiffeners, which makes them easy to use and reduces packaging waste.

The gusseted design of these mailers allows them to expand to hold items up to 1" wide, providing extra space and flexibility for your shipping needs. The peel-and-seal closure provides a secure and reliable seal, ensuring that your items stay safe and secure during shipping. These mailers also feature a convenient pull tab tear strip, making it easy for your recipient to open the mailer without damaging its contents.

Whether you're shipping important business documents or cherished family photos, White Stayflats® Gusseted Mailers offer the peace of mind you need when sending your valuable items through the mail. Trust in their superior protection, efficient design, and cost-effective pricing, and enjoy the confidence that comes from knowing your items are well-protected and secure during transit.

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