Water Activated Tape

Water Activated Tape

Tape Logic® Reinforced and Non-Reinforced Kraft Brown and White Water Activated Sustainable Paper Tape

Water activated Kraft Paper Tape is an eco-friendly alternative to clear plastic tape. Tape Logic® water activated paper tape has an adhesive backing that is activated when water is applied. The adhesive on this tape bonds instantly to corrugated cartons.

Available in Kraft Brown and White and comes in 2 forms:
1. Reinforced Water Activated Tape - Bonds instantly to all corrugated carton surfaces and generates an immediate tamper-evident bond. This tape has strands of fiberglass and works well with heavier packages.
2. Non-Reinforced Water Activated Tape - Aggressively bonds to corrugated cartons, even in dusty or dirty environments and works well with lighter packages.

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