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Shipping Boxes / Build-A-Bundle™

When it comes to Shipping Supplies, not everybody wants or needs large quantities of the same item. This includes- small to medium to even large business', or those that are moving or even sending a package or two to loved ones.

Who will benefit most from Fastpack's Build-A-Bundle™ ? Good Question!:
-Business Small to Large (Keep your inventory costs to a minimum )
-Homeowners during a move (Do you really need 25 book boxes? Do you have that many books?)
-Sending Gifts to friends or family and need 1,2,3,4,5 or more boxes? Not a problem now!
-Have a customer that needs to return product, but they no longer have the box? Send them what they need, 1 Box, a little bubble wrap, small amount of packing peanuts and a roll of tape. We can even ship it directly to them saving you time and money!


Do you really need 25 (a bundle) of all the same size boxes?
Would 4, of 5 different sizes be better?

Not a problem with Fastpack's Build-A-Bundle™ !!!!!!

No minimum's, no maximum's.