Semi-Automatic Mobile Orbiter Stretch Wrap, Pallet Wrap Machine

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Product Overview

Introducing the new "Orbiter", Semi-Automatic Mobile Orbiter Stretch Wrap and Pallet Wrap Machine. This stretch wrap bundling machine is a perfect fit for smaller operations that might not have the warehouse floor space for forklift or turntable type wrappers.

The orbiter is a semi-automatic stretch wrap machine on a rolling base. It utilizes a powered winch for raising and lowering the stretch wrap roll as the operator orbits the pallet.

Some assembly is required, however 80% of the machine comes pre-assembled. Most of the assembly is the base and mast. General assembly time is approximately 30 minutes. There are four carriage bolts supplied to attach the legs, the rest of the assembly only requires sliding components onto mast and tightening fasteners.

The frame is constructed of aluminum components, allowing for corrosion free, lightweight construction. The smooth rolling stand has 3" diameter Dyna Tread swivel wheels that allow for ease of mobility. The powder coated enclosure contains a high torque winch mechanism, controller unit, and 12 V DC Lithium-ion battery. On the side of the enclosure are external hook-ups for battery charger connections. A digital voltmeter monitors the battery, showing the amount of battery charge remaining. An on/off switch, In the Off position, will not drain the battery as quickly. The mast is constructed in three sections that are joined by special "D" rods for a strong connection. The handlebar can be adjusted horizontally up to 45 degrees for ergonomic fit. A wireless remote-control fob is mounted on the handlebar for raising and lowering the winch. A cutoff switch is mounted on the upper section to prevent over-extending the stretch roll bracket vertically. Safety guards on each side of the top pulley prevents fingers from getting pinched.

The machine accepts an 18" wide x 6" diameter stretch wrap roll, which is easily installed. A tensioning knob on top of the roll bracket allows the operator to adjust the tension. The stretch wrap roll bracket glides on smooth running ball bearings.

* Aluminum components allow for corrosion free, lightweight construction
* The smooth rolling stand has 3" diameter Dyna Tread swivel wheels
* The mast consists of three sections for minimal packaging and shipping cost
* Vertical range is from 1 1/2" above the floor to 70" overall height
* Changing the stretch wrap roll is quick and easy
* A cut-off switch prevents over-extending the stretch roll bracket vertically
* Handlebar angle can be adjusted to be more ergonomic
* Easily assembly. Time requires is approximately 30 minutes
* Changing the stretch wrap roll is quick and easy
* Powered by a long lasting 12V 8ah Lithium-ion battery 2000+ charges
* External hook-ups on enclosure for battery charging time
* Digital Voltmeter for battery monitoring
* Powder coated enclosure contains the winch mechanism, controller unit and battery
* Meets OSHA standards. Guards on the pully prevent pinched fingers
* Ships in a 12" x 12" x 24" box. Shipping weight: 45 lbs.

* Microprocessor controlled Lithium battery charger
* Digital voltmeter for monitoring battery voltage
* Necessary Allen wrenches. Customer supplies other basic tools.
* 1 Year limited manufacturer warranty against component failure. Battery is not included in warranty

Assembly of base and mast required
Average Assembly Time: 30 minutes or less
Patents: Patents Pending

Our 18"x1,500' 80 Gauge Clear Stretch Wrap, Works with The Semi-Automatic Mobile Orbiter Stretch Wrap and Pallet Wrap Machine (YZSTRCS18)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review