Recyclable Curby Mailers

Recyclable Curby Mailers

Introducing the latest and most innovative protective mailer on the market - the Recyclable Curby Mailer! Made from recycled and recyclable paper, the Curby Mailer is the perfect choice for anyone who is environmentally conscious. This mailer is lined with a patent-pending honeycomb structure that offers substantial benefits over traditional wrapping materials like bubble wrap, foam, and other paper materials.

The honeycomb structure provides rigid and compact support in all directions, from edge to edge and seam to seam. This design offers better protection than traditional air-filled bubbles used in plastic padded mailers, poly bubble mailers, and Kraft mailers. The Curby Mailer has undergone independent testing protocols like ISTA testing for shipping performance and OCC testing to ensure recyclability, providing complete satisfaction to the customer.

Apart from being an excellent protective mailer, the Curby Mailer is also environmentally friendly. Once it enters the recycling stream, it is processed and reconstituted into new sustainable products. This product contributes in its small way to a wider circular economy, as it is made from renewably sourced recycled paper and is curbside recyclable, making it easy to dispose of.

In summary, the Recyclable Curby Mailer is the perfect combination of innovation, protection, and sustainability. Make the switch to this eco-friendly and efficient mailer and experience outstanding performance that contributes to a better world.

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