Mops, Squeegees & Buckets

Mops, Squeegees & Buckets

We carry a variety of tools that are needed for cleaning floors. Scrapers are a great tool for scraping items like gum, paint, tape and wax from hard surfaces. We offer Swiffer Sweeper and Dust Mops for sweep dusting, Sweep dusting traps dust while sweeping up debre from floors. Wash floor with wet mops and bucket wringers, or Sponge Mops. Wash away scuffs, dirt, grime, and spills.

Wet Mops
* Sponge Mop
* Rubbermaid® Utility Pail
* Rubbermaid® Utility Buckets
* Buckets/Wringers
* Wet Floor Signs

Dust Mops
* O'Cedar® Dust Mop Replacement Heads

Janitor Carts
* Standard
* High Capacity
* High Security
* Housekeeping

Squeegees and Accessories
* Industrial Floor Squeegees
* Industrial Window Squeegees
* Floor Scrapers

Swiffer® Sweeper
* Sweeper Cloths

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