Marsh® Oil Boards

Marsh® Oil Boards

Introducing Marsh® Oil Boards - the high-quality, oil-treated paperboard that is specifically designed to resist ink bleed-through and deliver clean, sharp marks with the stenciling application.

Our Oil Boards are made with oils that lubricate the punches each time a character is cut. This not only results in clean, sharp marks but also extends the life of the stencil machine. The paperboard's .015" thickness makes it ideal for use on flat or curved surfaces, while its high-quality construction ensures that it will not tear or pull when cut.

Whether you're marking boxes for shipping or labeling machinery and equipment, our Oil Boards deliver the sharp, clean marks you need.

Cut with the grain to maintain rigidity, Marsh® Oil Boards are an essential tool for any workplace that requires high-quality stenciling. With their resistance to ink bleed-through and their ability to deliver clean, sharp marks, you can trust that your stenciling applications will be accurate and effective every time. So why settle for anything less? Choose Marsh® Oil Boards for all your stenciling needs.

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