Kick Stops® Pallet Restraints

Kick Stops® Pallet Restraints

The KICK STOPS® Cargo Restraint device works to secure your pallets inside your enclosed trailer.  Its design is rugged and easy to use. Simply place the device next to the pallet you need secured, ensuring the teeth are facing the floor and the pallet, and kick or step it into place. That's it. You're done. To fully restrain the movement of the pallet in both directions, use a 2nd KICK STOPS® Cargo Restraint device along the adjoining side and repeat the process. Once both are installed, the pallet will no longer slide in either direction, keeping your cargo safe and allowing you to transport without fear of damaging your enclosed trailer.

Kick Stops are a revolutionary product designed to improve the security and stability of freight shipments while saving time, money, and reducing environmental impact. By eliminating pallet movement and decreasing damage, Kick Stops reduce costly labor expenses and the need for expensive dunnage, storage, and disposal. They are compatible with all wood and plastic shipping materials and require no tools or additional securement. By drastically reducing load/unload times, Kick Stops make freight transportation more efficient and environmentally friendly. Choose Kick Stops for secure, cost-effective, and sustainable shipping solutions.



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