Jiffy Tuffgard White Vinyl Bubble Mailers

Jiffy Tuffgard White Vinyl Bubble Mailers

Sealed Air Jiffy Tuffgard White Vinyl Bubble Mailers, Bubble Envelopes

For Added Performance

* Rugged Durability - Multi-layer, co-extruded film provides optimum moisture, puncture and tear resistance, especially for heavier items.
* Superior Cushioning - 3 /16 inch thick Bubble Wrap® material maintains thickness for excellent product protection throughout the shipping cycle.
* Maximum Protection - Fully laminated film/air cellular material construction increases overall cushioning and bursting strength.
* Improved Security - High-strength, hot-melt adhesive closure provides additional tamper resistance and assurance for mailing high value items.

For Extra Value

* Premium Appearance Enhances Image - Fine texture surface is excellent for custom printing and increases perception of value. Easy to write on and accepts gummed labels.
* Saves Postage - Lightweight to reduce shipping costs.
* Fast, Easy Loading Saves Labor - High-slip Bubble Wrap® lining with crushed air cellular material at opening facilitates easy product insertion.
* Economical Alternative to Cartons - Decreases labor and increases productivity, eliminates additional dunnage, lowers postage costs and saves warehouse space.

Check out "Our Brand" White Poly Bubble Mailers for more sizes, quantities and options. Tuffgard brand is being dis-continued. If you do not see the size you need below, click HERE to see that size in "Our Brand" .

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