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HexcelWrap™ is an innovative paper base sustainable packaging material. The cushioning protection that HexcelWrap™ provides is equivalent to that of foam and plastic bubble packaging, but without the negative impact those materials have on the environment. Since HexcelWrap™ is a paper based material, it is 100% curbside recyclable AND biodegradable. The unique hexagon design allows layers to lock together providing secure cushioning.

Benefits and Features:
*Easy-to-use paper-based cushioning - no need for scissors
*Use to wrap and protect glassware, cosmetics, electronics and anything fragile
*100% Sustainable
*Increases overall operational and pack efficiency without the need for automation
*Secures multiple products in a box and eliminates the need to use redundant packaging materials to secure and protect your products during transport
*SAVE SPACE in your warehouse and pack stations
*Stop shipping air and eliminate plastic waste
*Speed up your packaging process - up to 50% faster than traditional methods
*Small footprint and many options to integrate at your pack station
*Perfect for SFS and fulfillment operations

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