Conductive Bins

Conductive Bins

Introducing our Conductive Bin Boxes, the perfect solution for protecting your electronic components from electrostatic interference. These bins are permanently conductive and are constructed from carbon-filled copolymer polypropylene, making them highly durable and resistant to damage.

Our Conductive Bin Boxes meet military specification MIL-B-81075B, ensuring that they provide the highest level of protection for your electronic components. They are also unaffected by washing, making them easy to clean and maintain.

The reinforced side walls and wide ledge of these bins allow for high stacking, making them a great choice for storage in manufacturing and industrial settings. The conductive material used in the construction of these bins provides reliable protection against electrostatic interference, ensuring the safety and integrity of your electronic components.

Available in a range of sizes to suit your specific needs, our Conductive Bin Boxes are the ideal solution for anyone looking to protect their electronic components from electrostatic interference. Whether you're in the manufacturing, industrial, or electronics industry, our Conductive Bin Boxes provide a cost-effective and reliable way to store and protect your valuable electronic components.

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