Carton Sealing Tape

Carton Sealing Tape

Clear Carton Sealing Tape, Box Tape, Shipping Tape

Our carton sealing packaging tape is high quality and an economical choice for sealing packages and cartons! 

LÓCKK™ Hot Melt Tape is manufactured to ensure maximum flexibility, ease of use, strength, and adhesion capabilities. Hot melt sealing tape is great for packages of all sizes and weights, from light, to medium, to heavy. It has high flexibility, easy unwind, strong hold, and quick stick ability. Perfect for moving, shipping, storage, packing and mailing projects.
* A strong, durable hot melt adhesive that seals and protects.
* Long lasting bonds that adhere to all box types.
* High quality film and glue for transparency.
* A great seal on moving, shipping, storage, packing and mailing boxes.

GRÍPP™ Carton Sealing Tape is a water-based acrylic carton sealing tape. It is designed to seal in all temperatures, without losing quality, and hold extremely well to prevent flagging and tearing of your boxes. The tape’s acrylic exterior won’t become dry or weak due to aging, weathering, or stresses during the shipping process.
* Dependable, all-temperature sealing performance for boxes and cartons.
* Superior film and enhanced holding power to prevent flagging and tears.
* Better resistance to weathering, aging and typical shipping stresses.

Tape Logic Clear Acrylic Tape is best for long term storage when shelf life is important.
* Clear Acrylic tape retains its clarity over long periods of time. Will not yellow.
* Consistent, smooth release.
* Strong adhesive grips well to recycled corrugated.
* Application temperature range 32° - 140° F.
* Meets UPS and U.S. postal regulations.

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