Bio-Degradable Packing Peanuts

Bio-Degradable Packing Peanuts

FunPak® is an earth friendly, unique, and fun way to protect and package your products, enhance your customer's unboxing experience, and support your marketing and branding.

Packing Peanuts are used as a void-fill that cushions items on all sides, and prevents item from shifting during transport, offering complete shipment protection. It fills voids, effectively blocks and braces products inside the box, and is exceptionally resistant to shocks and high pressure. However, a lot of packing peanuts are made of polystyrene foam and are not biodegradable. Therefore, we have found another option for our environmentally conscious customer base. We are now offering eco-friendly packing peanuts that are made from renewable plant-based raw materials. We also care about the environment and your concern for eco-friendly packaging.

FunPak® is a sustainable and certified compostable, non-static, protective packaging material that will decompose by just adding water. FunPak® is a 100% plant-based Loose Fill and is made from renewable resources. Manufactured in the US and Canada.

A box that measures 12"x12"x12" will hold 1 cubic foot of volume. FunPak® Packing Peanuts are great for holiday mailings.

FunPak® Is:
* Certified Compostable
* Plant Based Packaging
* Pet, People, & Plant Safe
* Environmentally Friendly to all Ecosystems such as Lakes, Streams, Rivers, & Oceans
* Leaves no Toxic Substances or Pollutants in the Soil
* Water Soluble - Dissolves in Water
* Excellent Cushioning
* Superior Shock Absorption
* Reusable Packaging
* Memorable Unboxing Experience

* Compost them
* Reuse them as packaging
* Place the packaging peanuts in water and watch them disintegrate

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