21 Cubic Feet Packing Peanuts White or Pink Anti Static

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Packing Peanuts come in 21 cubic foot bags (3.5 cubic foot bags x 6 bags = 21 cu ft). For shipping purposes, to meet size regulations by the Major Shipping carriers, larger bags would be charged for higher dimensional weight rules. We ship in smaller 3.5 cu ft packages to save you money on shipping!

Other companies just ship you a single 21 cubic foot bag, that has to ship via Truck Line, and can cost $150.00 + just for freight. By breaking them down into smaller packages, we can ship them to you for much less!

This listing is for 6 - 3.5 cubic foot bags to save you a bundle on shipping!

**Unfortunately, we can no longer ship this item to NY or Washington States due to Local Laws. But, we CAN ship our Eco-Friendly Packing Peanuts**


(No reviews yet) Write a Review