Environmental "Packing List Enclosed" Envelopes

Environmental "Packing List Enclosed" Envelopes

Introducing our Environmental "Packing List Enclosed" Envelopes, the perfect solution for eco-conscious shipping. Our pressure-sensitive envelopes are designed to secure and protect your important documents that are attached to the outside of your shipments, while also helping to reduce your environmental footprint.

These "green" envelopes are made from 100% recycled green tinted polyethylene, ensuring that they are both durable and eco-friendly. These envelopes are manufactured using solar energy, minimizing their impact on the environment and reducing their carbon footprint.

Our "Packing List Enclosed" Envelopes are pre-printed with a recycled content and renewable energy statement, so your customers know that you care about the environment and are doing your part to reduce waste.

Our envelopes come with a hot melt adhesive backing, providing a strong and reliable adhesion to both paper and corrugated products. This ensures that your envelopes will stay securely in place during shipping, protecting your documents from damage and loss.

Our Environmental "Packing List Enclosed" Envelopes are easy to use, with envelopes opening along the first dimension. Simply slide your documents into the envelope and seal it up for safe and secure shipping.

With our Environmental "Packing List Enclosed" Envelopes, you can have peace of mind knowing that your shipping documents are safe and secure during transit, while also helping to reduce your environmental impact. Our envelopes are the perfect choice for anyone who wants to ensure that their shipments arrive intact and on time, while also doing their part to protect the planet.

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