Steel Pallet Clip Hooks 250/Case

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Product Overview

Stabilizing and securing pallet loads for transit is very important. Securing loads with Stretch Wrap Rope keeps the items from shifting and becoming damaged. A concentrated rope adds additional strength and support around your load.

FastPack Packaging offers several different Roper devices. YEP-890, and YEP-3600,.

Steel Pallet Clip Hooks have a hook attachment designed to help in securing loads for in house storage and cross country shipments. The hooks screw into the pallet/pallets around the four outside corners, with the hook facing up. Stretch rope strapping or cord can be used to tie to the first corner hook. The cord is then pulled across the top of the load and down to the next corner hook to be secured. Bring the cord up and cross diagonally to the next corner hook and secure. Keep repeating this pattern until you are back at the first corner. Synch tightly, tie cord to hook and you are finished securing the load.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review